Setting up your store

  • Once you receive approval by mail
  • Go to Shop menu and click on “My Account”
  • Then login
  • If you have registered prior to this time, please refer to Register as a vendor
  • Once you are logged in, go back to the shop menu and click on “Vendor Dashboard”.


  • There are four main menus “View your store” “Store settings” “Add product” and “Edit product”
  • Click on “Store settings”
  • Fill in your “Shop name” “Seller info” and “Shop Description” The things you fill here are what will show on your store page, when you are done click “Save”
  • Next we add our products, to do that go back to you Shop Menu and click on “Vendor Dashboard”
  • Click on “Add New Product”


  • Input the following
  • The product name (1)
  • The project category (2), this specifies were it is placed in the shop, you can click more than one, be specific as possible
  • Add the Product image (3) and gallery (4)
  • Under Product Data click on the General Tab (5)
  • Add Regular price and Sale price if available
  • Under Product Data click on the Inventory Tab (6)
  • Check the “Enable Stock Management” (7)button
  • Enter “stock quantity” (8)
  • Enter “Product Short Description” (9) This usually says a little about the product, colors available e.t.c
  • Lastly at the right corner click “Submit for Review” (10)